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Nestled in the bustling hedgerows of the Devon countryside

Nestled in the bustling hedgerows of the Devon countryside, BloomBerry Juice have enough to wet the appetite of all our potential customers.

It all started when our daughter Maddy, asked us to run a juice bar at the Bloomsbury festival. Not only did it inspire us to launch the BloomBerry Juice company, but enabled us to develop an 'out of control' hobby that has more than taken over our already busy lives !

Sarah (Mama Berry) is a qualified food safety consultant, and her crew (Papa Berry) has over 30 years in the food and soft drinks industry with some major branded companies in areas of manufacturing, quality, new product development.

Festivals & Events

BloomBerry Juice 'On the Road'

We have been serving up fresh juices, healthy smoothies and hot and cold drinks to happy customers at Festivals & Events across the UK for over 15 years. We have been active and enjoying ourselves at many festivals up and down the land for many a year... you may have seen us at great events like Glastonbury, Beautiful Days, Wilderness, Chagstock, Cambridge Folk - just to name a few. We still have a little more energy to keep the smoothie bikes ticking over!

Made to Order

All of our juices are freshly made to order and with our wonderful orange juicer, apple press and good old-fashioned apple peeler, can add that little bit of theatre!  We also provide an extensive range of teas (including fruit teas of course!), coffee and hot drinks – including our yummy real hot chocolate.

Pedal a Smoothie!

We're not just any smoothie provider - oh no - we have THREE amazing smoothie bikes, allowing customers to pedal their way to a delicious drink! This eco-friendly addition to our business is incredibly popular with people of all ages and is sure to bring lots of smiles to your visitors!

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